Security Fence Systems

Merut is a leading company in high-security fencing and gate systems. We have the expertise and knowledge to install various types of high-security systems, such as anti-climb, anti-crash, ballistic, and K-rated fences and gates. We provide high-quality and timely installations with comprehensive support. We also offer customized solutions based on the specific needs and challenges of each site. Our company values our customers and strives to meet their expectations with the best practices and methods.


Some of the industry applications and capabilities of Merut are:

Security Fences

We procure and construct security fencing for different purposes, such as for clients in the utility, industrial, and government sectors. Security fencing can deter and prevent unauthorized access, protect valuable assets, and enhance the appearance of the property.

Security Gates

We install manual and automatic security gates that complement the security fencing. Security gates can control the entry and exit of vehicles and pedestrians, and provide additional security features, such as locks, sensors, and cameras.

Security Products

We supply and install various security products that enhance the performance and functionality of the fencing and gates. Some of these products are non-conductive materials, barbed wire, concertina wire, bollards, and barrier arms.

Our professionals are ready to safely meet your project demands.