Civil Construction, Foundations, Drilling, & Other Services

Merut Construction provides concrete construction and foundation services from forming and installation of structural concrete for foundations, sub-grade walls, footings, and other building applications. We focus on structural excavation and backfill, concrete form-work design and installation to spec, concrete reinforcement installation, and concrete placement and finishing.

Our committed teams are highly knowledgeable and experienced with the necessary skill and approach to manage your project at such a high standard and in strict accordance with the specifications required for the job.

Merut also performs:

  • Foundations for equipment or drilled piers
  • Soil stabilization, rebar installation, and concrete finishing
  • E & S controls
  • Excavation and finish grading
  • Drilling of piers
  • Security fence installation


Given our personnel’s years of expertise in applications like foundations for equipment or drilled piers, soil stabilization, rebar installation, concrete finishing, E&S controls, site grading, drilling and excavation, we are ready to take on your next project.

When you explore more with Merut Construction, you know you will receive top-quality workmanship, reliability, safety and mitigation of environmental impact across all markets served.



  • Deep & shallow foundations
  • Infrastructure
  • Caissons/drilled piers
  • Oil containment structures
  • Equipment foundations
  • Rebar & concrete reinforcement
  • Concrete formwork



  • Site preparation
  • Infrastructure
  • Foundations
  • Oil containment structures
  • Shoring



  • Foundations
  • Piers
  • Posts & poles
  • Shaft caissons
  • General vertical earth boring

Other Services


  • Erosion & sediment controls (E & S)
  • Soil analysis & stabilization
  • Grading
  • Demolition
  • Restoration
  • Miscellaneous site work
  • Security fence installation

Markets Served



Oil & Gas

Engineering Firms



Our professionals are ready to safely meet your project demands.